ECDIS No More Stress With ECDIS!

ECDIS ; Electronic Chart Display and Information System

We are expanding our supply to domestic and overseas shipping companies by increasing the navigation stability and drastically reducing expenses of equipment introduction, maintenance and training.

Navigation stability

Increase the reliability and safety of equipment satisfying 100% of various rules (IMO/IHO) and IHO ECDIS Data Set Test

Equipment introduction cost

Low introduction cost compared to foreign equipment

Maintenance cost

Provide free software update according to change of IMO/IHO rules

Low maintenance cost by eliminating the cause of failure and reducing the frequency of failures

Training cost

ECDIS Generic training is conducted by various institutions or shipping company training center (Haeyoung Maritime Services, G-Marine Service, KIMFT, Korea Maritime University etc.) using our products.

After installing the equipment, free training and familiarization certificates (Type specific training) are issued to the crew members of the ship concerned

Provide free issuance of familiarization training (Type specific training) certificates CBT programs and certificates

Type approval certificate
ECDIS MED B Certificate
CCS Certificate
TCS MED B Certificate
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