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[공지] IoS-OP holds Taiwan seminar to introduce its data sharing initiative with marineworks helpdesk 2021-04-15
[공지] (ShipDC) marineworks makes its mark as first Korean company to join IoS-OP helpdesk 2021-03-04
[공지] Doosan Mobility Innovation to expand presence in ship sailing control industry helpdesk 2021-01-20
[공지] ‘Smart ship’ technology implemented on 12 HMM ultra-large container ships helpdesk 2020-12-17
[공지] marineworks completes Application Of Smart Ship Solution For Hmm helpdesk 2020-12-16
[공지] Smart Ship Solution, Smart Ready Safe Ship - "My Fleet" helpdesk 2020-12-11
[공지] HMM installs marineworks Smart Ship Solution on ultra-large containership helpdesk 2020-12-11
[공지] Remote control of the 'Smartship' at sea is available by Fleet Control Centre. helpdesk 2020-10-13
[공지] (marineworks) HMM opens fleet control center for efficient operation of smart ships helpdesk 2020-09-23
[공지] [Marine Electronics/works] DSME Smart Ship Solution approved by LR helpdesk 2019-07-15
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