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HMM installs marineworks Smart Ship Solution on ultra-large containership
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marineworks, a maritime ICT company, has announced that "HMM's twelve 24,000TEU ultra-large container ships have successfully loaded marineworks’ smart ship solution. The solution will also be installed in the 16,000 TEU ultra-large container ships to be delivered in 2021.

In 2018, marineworks was selected to supply its solution to HMM when it ordered a smart ship to a domestic shipyard. Since September 2020, it has become possible to monitor and control the information of equipment operation and cargo using marineworks’ smart ship solution. The smart ship solution monitors, analyses, and converts the ship’s condition in real-time to determine and visualise the ship’s operating environment and risk level which plays a very important role in safe and efficient operation of the ship.

Mr. Sang-yong Kim, director of marineworks said: "In order to realise the complete automation and efficient configuration of the ship’s IoT platform, not only the program development but also the optimal configuration of the ship’s integrated network, navigation/engine, alarms and cargo information are optimised to process more than 4 million cases of data per day.”

In addition, to verify reliability of smart-ship solution and meet the increased security requirements of IMO and global shippers, marineworks has conducted penetration tests for the first time in the industry with the shipyard. Lloyd's and the Korean Register certified the solution for ship cybersecurity and remote control technologies. This contributed to the application of HMM's IMO level 2 of the autonomous ship.

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