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‘Smart ship’ technology implemented on 12 HMM ultra-large container ships
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Korean shipping line HMM has completed the implementation of ‘smart ship’ systems from Busan headquartered maritime ICT company marineworks on board twelve 24,000TEU ultra-large container ships, the companies report.

The two firms began working together in 2018 when HMM made its vessel orders with a domestic shipyard stipulating delivery with integrated IT systems. marineworks was selected as the primary supplier and has also assisted HMM in the development of its fleet control centre as part of the overall project.

The My Fleet smart ship system installed on the vessels monitors, analyses, and reports on the ships’ condition in real-time to allow users to visualise their operating environment and risk levels.

In addition to the twelve ships now running the technology to monitor and control equipment operations and cargo, the system will also be installed on HMM’s fleet of new 16,000 TEU ultra-large container ships scheduled for delivery in 2021.

“In order to realise the complete automation and efficient configuration of the ship’s IoT platform, not only the programme development but also the optimal configuration of the ship’s integrated network, navigation/engine, alarms and cargo information are optimised to process more than 4 million cases of data per day,” explained Kim Sang-yong, Director at marineworks.

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