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Doosan Mobility Innovation to expand presence in ship sailing control industry
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By Nam Kwang-sik

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI), a producer of portable fuel cell power packs for drones, said Tuesday that it has teamed up with the local shipbuilding and marine ICT provider Marineworks to develop a solution to control ships' sailing by using drones.

The two companies will develop an electric marine chart system on the basis of video footage taken by DMI's hydrogen fuel cell-powered drones, which are capable of flying for more than two hours, DMI said.

DMI said the system will allow ships to take preemptive safety measures against undetectable ships.

Last October, DMI said it will make inroads into the overseas power cable-checking system market by using its hydrogen drones with the business tie-up with the Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI), a R&D subsidiary of the state-run Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO).

DMI is a unit of Doosan Corp., the holding company of the cash-strapped Doosan Group.

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SEOUL, Jan. 19 (Yonhap)

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