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VTS ; Vessel Traffic Service

It is a national service that monitors the movement of passing ships and provides the navigation safety information in order to secure the safety and efficiency of the ship traffic by using the equipment which can detect the position of the ship and communicate with the ship.

Product key features
Electronic chart (S-63)
display in the
control area
Vessel location display
collected via radar
and AIS
Various alarm to detect
and predict dangerous
situations such as getting
out of route,
entry of danger zone, collision of ship, etc.
Situation replay
through recording and
debriefing of control situation
Product features

3D VTS It constructs the control situation based on the same 3D terrain as the control area and supports intuitive control on  behalf of CCTV when the weather deteriorates (low visibility).

VTS simulatorIt is possible to practice VTS operation through interlocking with the ship simulator.

VTS only keyboardIt facilitates and speeds up frequent tasks in control operations such as target acquisition and identification.

VHF communicator
Meteorological equipment
Direction finder
Alarm integrated processing device
Operating console
Playback device
Recording device
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