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Webinar with MARINEWORKS Safer, Smarter and Integrated Risk Management Solution
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We held a Webinar with Marineworks for launching Risk Management Solution.
The webinar was held at Marineworks’ Seoul branch from 15:00 on September 1st and it was successful with a total of more than 60 people attending and more than 10 companies attending.   [SEOUL SSB]


背景 / Background

We,Seoul SSB,think working with the right partners who have a lot of experience in each business area is critical to address a variety of challenges. We’ve signed MOU with Marineworks, a young but experienced professional and agile company about e-Navigation solutions in the Korean market.

ポイント / Important points

We  will  launch  the  first  integrated  solution  between WNI's Navigation Risk Assessment and Routing and Marineworks’ Smart Ship Solutions. This is a part of what we are trying to do together.It will allow us to provide safer, smarter and integrated risk management solutions.

コメント/ Comment

~ WNI : Iwasa Hidenori
I think that we could present “Digital Safety Enhancement” by   NAR  with  Marinework’s  solution  for  Korea  Shipping Market.  WNI’s  sales  team  should  follow  up  potential customer in closely communication.

~ WNI : Keemoon Kwon
Great webinar to introduce our NAR service together with our partner, Marineworks for Korean market. We confirmed Korean customers agrees to apply “Digital Transformation” for safe navigation. This webinar is only the start of NAR roll out in Korean market, I expect a good sales outcome going forward by closely following up individual customers for the sales  opportunity.  Thanks  to  our  Seoul  SSB  team  and Marineworks  team  for  all  the  efforts  for  the  webinar preparation!

~ WNI : Sanghyub Park
We Seoul SSB firstly hosted a webinar for Korean customers. This webinar was a good opportunity to appeal our values not only to multiple shipping companies, but also to government agencies and multiple shipping-related organizations at the same time. In particular, it is expected that the collaboration with  Marineworks  will  create  an  environment  where solutions that meet the needs of Korean customers can be appropriately suggested to customers in the Korean market. In the future, we will try to make a successful case in the Korean  market  through  Korean  style  digital  solutions  and create a good business model that can be deployed in the global market based on this.

~ WNI : Hyunji OH
The first webinar of Seoul SSB co-hosted with Marineworks was successfully completed. Based on this experience, I believe that I will be able to do better when hosting other webinars in the future. We are conducting a survey with customers who participated,  and  meaningful  answers  are  coming  in.  With reference to this survey opinion, we will actively use it in our sales activities to our DPP target customers such as Panocean and HMM. We will consider whether this sales model can be well established and applied to other market sales such as SKY planning and Env planning in Korea.

~ Marineworks : Sangyong Kim

両社間のMoU後、協力の最初のステップとして両社が共同ウェ ビナーを開 催しました。お客 様に協 力モデルを知らせるのも重 要ですが、両者が同じ目的でイベントを開催したことが最も意味 があったと思います。ウェビナーを通じて公式的で公表した両社 の 協 力 モデルがマーケットで 成 果 を 出 せられるように 努 力 しま す。ウェビナーの準備に多くの努力をした両社の関係の方々に も感謝を申し上げます。

~Marineworks : Anna Lee

ウェザーニュースとのウェビナーを通じて、韓国内への進出可能 性も見られて、また思ったより両社のコラボレーションに対するお 客様の関心が多くて驚きました。今回のウェビナーを起点として 両社の結合がより良いシナジーを出せるよう努力します。


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